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The writing is for the most part clear, though sometimes the text could more aptly describe the illustrations specifically, where Matthew is "squeezed into" the bow when he has really climbed out onto the bowsprit. When the storm blows up, it is unclear why Matthew and his father were on the boat alone, when the previous page showed the crew on board and the text stated that the hold was full. Mills's large, subtly coloured illustrations effectively convey the great scale of the boat and the strength of the men who form its crew. She also captures the frightful hugeness of lake and sky.

The storm illustrations are particularly delightful. The historical note at the end of the book helps give context to the story. A glossary of nautical terms used in the book would also have been useful to teachers and students.

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In all, The Stonehook Schooner proved to be a most enjoyable history lesson for this reader. It is the sort of book that can be read and appreciated for the literary value or illustrations alone, but could also be tied in with other subject areas such as social studies or art. Leslie Millar is a substitute teacher and volunteer in Winnipeg schools. Halifax, NS: Formac Publishing, Can you explain to me why there is a coin blocking the game?

And why is this thing full of chewing gum? Chewing gum? Chewing gum! Yes indeed, he could explain why there was chewing gum in his cartridge player. There was a certain person in his class at school who always had a wad of chewing gum in his mouth -- Damian! Sonia Sarfati is an award-winning journalist from Quebec who has written several children's books. In , she won the Alvine-Belisle prize for best children's book.

In Video Rivals she tells the story of Raphael, a new kid in school who has only one friend, Myriam. The school is holding a video game championship. Raphael figures if he enters and wins, he's bound to make some more friends. However Raphael didn't count on his surly classmate Damian sticking gum in his cartridge player, preventing him from spending the weekend before the contest practicing. Raphael searches for alternative means to keep his fingers limber: playing piano; braiding his sister's hair; even learning how to knit. But when his game machine is fixed, he finds he's not any better.

Raphael initiates, then abandons, plans for revenge against Damian. As it turns out, when the contest day comes Raphael and Damian are in different age-groups, and so never have their show-down. Raphael finishes right behind his best friend Myriam, who takes first place. Damian finishes third in his age category.

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Raphael is pleased to have out-placed Damian, and mature enough to be pleased for Myriam. Video Rivals will attract young readers because it deals with video games. The large print and short chapters cater to beginning readers, but vocabulary like "sheathed," "filed," and "uttered" will be difficult even for some fourth graders.

The occasional black-and-white illustrations have an enjoyable comic-strip quality that reflects Pierre Durand's background as a cartoonist. Having said that Video Rivals is current and in a readable format, there is little else to say. The account of Raphael's days before the championship is much like any weekend -- fairly hum-drum. And the importance of his quest for friends is lost somewhere in the wait for the championship.

The events recounted are just stuff that happened. Either Raphael is not troubled enough to be interesting or the author has left too much to be inferred by the reader. Video Rivals is a quick and easy read, but without much ambition. Recommended with reservations. Victoria: Orca Book Publishers, Scattered too are the seals who fish off the coasts in the mild season. All the bears have gone back to dry land. In late fall, when the cold will once more imprison the bay in its shackles of ice, they will set off again to chase seals.

But from now until then they have to be satisfied with the meagre pittance that the northern summer grudgingly offers to the largest carnivore on earth. Originally written in French, this is a translation by Mary Shelton of Nanook et Naoya, les oursons polaires.


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The author, Angele Delaunois, has written several other non-fiction French books about animals. This English translation accompanies two other books from Orca in the same collection but not by the same author -- one about a whale and the other about a baby seal. Nanook and Naoya follows two real polar bear cubs from their birth in the dead of winter to the beginning of another winter five years later as they reach adulthood.

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Organized around the seasons, information about the polar bear's habitat, lifestyle, and habits is conveyed as the reader watches Nanook, his sister Naoya, and their mother survive in Cape Churchill's harsh northern environment. Geared for an elementary school audience as a research resource and a fascinating true story, this book's usefulness and enjoyment is marred by wordiness. The text is too long, the style too sophisticated, the language too ornate and the sentences too complex.

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Only the most patient and knowledgeable of readers or listeners will be able to locate information or follow the story. There is no index to help organize for research and the twenty-word glossary containing many Inuit words only begins to scratch the surface. Forty-one remarkable photographs by internationally acclaimed wildlife photographer Fred Bruemmer accompany the text. Insightful and revealing, these images allow us glimpses of natural wonder -- both land and beast.

The photographs alone may be worth the price of the book, but it is not recommended as useful addition to a research collection. Jane Robinson is a teacher in Winnipeg. Book Review What's a Zoo Do?

New World of Indigenous Resistance (City Lights Open Media)

ISBN People working in zoos can study different animals to help discover what they need in order to survive. Zoos themselves can be used to demonstrate what wild animals are like. Macbooks All In Ones 2 in 1 Laptops. Home Theaters Headphones. Towels Sink Urinals. Tool Sets Bathroom Accessory Sets. Close to Ceiling Lights Pendant Lights. Body Lotions Face Creams. Tents Accessories Lights Camping Bed.

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