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Orienteering Made Simple An Instructional Handbook

A kind of advanced treasure hunt, it requires participants to use maps, a compass and GPS devices to make their way from one designated "control point" to another. Courses can be designed just about anywhere—in the woods, on water or on the road and navigated on foot, in canoes or on bikes. Done in teams or individually, competitively or not, it demands plenty of quick, creative thinking.

Kelly teaches physical education at the Arlington High School in Lagrangeville in Dutchess County and travels the region to promote and teach her sport. This page uses affiliate links. If you follow a link on this page and a purchase takes place we may earn a commission. Learn more here. Got a question? Discovering Orienteering: Skills, Techniques, and Activities. Engaging the mind and toning the body, orienteering offers a mind—body workout that builds confidence, problem-solving skills, and an appreciation for the natural environment.

Written in an engaging manner, Discovering Orienteering: Skills, Techniques, and Activities offers a systematic approach to learning, teaching, and coaching orienteering. Discovering Orienteering presents the basic skills and It also functions as a review for advanced orienteers, featuring stories of orienteering experiences to illustrate the fun, challenge, and adventure of the sport. An excellent resource for physical educators, recreation and youth leaders, and orienteering coaches, Discovering Orienteering distills the sport into teachable components relating to various academic disciplines, provides an array of learning activities, and includes an introduction to physical training and activities for coaching beginning to intermediate orienteers.

Guidelines take eager beginners beyond the basics and prepare them to participate in orienteering events. More than 60 ready-to-use activities assist educators in applying the benefits of orienteering across the curriculum.

Authors Charles Ferguson and Robert Turbyfill are experienced orienteers with expertise as trainers and elite competitors. Discovering Orienteering begins by explaining the basics of orienteering, including a brief history of the sport followed by information on fitness, nutrition, safety, and tools and equipment. Next, readers learn how to apply these skills, techniques, and processes to an event situation.

Publisher Description

Orienteering ethics and rules are discussed, including the ethical use of special equipment. Information is also included to help readers prepare for and compete in an orienteering event. Activities in the appendix are presented in a concise lesson plan format indicating the skills or techniques covered in the activity, level of expertise required, and equipment needed. Discovering Orienteering: Skills, Techniques, and Activities offers an excellent introduction to the sport for beginniners and a comprehensive resource for educators, youth leaders, and coaches.

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With its systematic approach, Discovering Orienteering can help readers chart a course to fun and adventure in the great outdoors. Over K copies sold The official navigation textbook used in outdoor education courses by thousands of students Map and compass skills remain the foundation for traveling safely in the wilderness This new third edition is a major and complete update of the popular textbook: Improved throughout for clarity, with chapter objectives presented at the beginning of each chapter and summaries, "skills Be Expert with Map and Compass, 3rd Edition.

The classic map and compass navigation guide-revised for the age of GPS GPS devices are great, but they can break, get lost, or easily be hampered by weather conditions, making basic map and compass skills essential for anyone who spends time outdoors.

This popular, easy-to-use orienteering handbook has been helping people find their way for more than fifty years. Now updated to include information Coverage includes understanding map symbols; traveling by map alone, by compass alone, or by map and compass together; finding bearings; sketching maps; and traveling in the wilderness.

Explains basic map and compass skills clearly Fully updated edition, including information on GPS Includes up-to-date Web site addresses, references, and sources Features a fresh, rugged design Ideal book for beginners If you're looking to feel more comfortable in the wilderness, this updated guide is an indispensable reference. Science First Fieldmaster Economy Orienteering Kit includes 12 student compasses on lanyards 1 teacher compass direction cards along with an activity guide.

Kit allows students to learn how to use a compass and map to navigate everything from a simple string course to a buried treasure site. Turn Every Walk into a Game of Detection When writer and navigator Tristan Gooley journeys outside, he sees a natural world filled with clues. To help you understand nature Works great this compact bazic compass. Lightweight Green boyscout compasses easy to use for beginner cubscout and eagle scout.

This economy compass with utm map tool best accessories for world map, it can be used by adults and kid's. With our gadget companion always be on the right track. Magneticneedle swings fast and freely point you north, thanks to the liquid-filledcapsule bubble free. Sub scout camping survial kit - boy scouting endure survival kits - kids compass on a string - compass with instructions - binocular compass pin on compass for hiking - kids compass bracelet - map compass navigation book - pocket compasses waterproof - ultralight compass lynsatic compass - begrit compass - global needle compass.

If you are looking for great basic compass that is accurate, lightweight and small, then this is the right thing for you. A standard compass for outdoor orienting that makes it easy to read the map and plan your trip.

Orienteering Made Simple and Gps Technology: An Instructional Handbook - Nancy Kelly - كتب Google

You will certainly be on the right track with this tool thanks to the liquid-filled capsule bubble free which makes the needle swing fast and freely, and accurately points you north. You will be able to make precise route planning with the multiple measurement scales and the holes for drawing control points on the map. Use the lanyard to keep it handy around your neck.

This field compass is one of the classic tools for the advanced orienteer, as well as novices to map-and-compass work: a scouting compass perfect for your scout boy or girl. See for yourself why it is one of the best multi features compass out there. Compare it with similar products and see the difference. After that, Grab yours now and get yourself a Reliable Outdoor Gear!

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In simple, clear, concise terms the basics of map and compass work are described and illustrated. Other updated sections cover competitive Orienteering, how to join an Orienteering event or organize your own, and useful hints for competitive and wilderness Orienteering. In addition to the revisions throughout, the author has interspersed the text with reminiscences of his more than fifty years of experience with map and compass.

Drawing crowds of 25, participants at international events, the sport of Orienteering is more popular than ever. The Orienteering world championships were held in the United States for the first time in For Orienteers and scouts, avid outdoorspeople, and anyone who wants to feel more comfortable in the wilderness, this updated guide is an indispensable reference.


Map and compass reading, programs and courses, skills quizzes and exercises, conditioning and nutrition advice, and rules for competitors. Armed with your new knowledge and skills, you will be well equipped to troubleshoot any problems, explore nature and become a master wilderness navigator. A compass boy scout accessories - accurate compass declination adjustment - adjustable compass for orienteering azimuth compass for hiking - backpacking compass lightweight - base plate compass magnetic compass for hiking baseplate compass adjustable declination - best compass for hiking - big compass for surveying - boy scout camping backpack.

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